Rent a bicycle, e-step, scooter or car

Rent a bicycle - for those who want to have an active vacation in Split

Price Duration
16 € 1 day (24 hours)

Our rent-a-bike Split service is a fantastic way to see the sights of Split in all seasons. We have quality and well-equipped bikes for hire in Split for all types of riders. Also, You can rent a bike in Split for an hour, few hours, a day or several days – it’s up to you. For every bike rented we provide a helmet and padlocks free of charge – because your safety is important to us. Plan your adventure in Dalmatia with bike and have fun during healthy exploring of Croatia.

Rent e-Step Split - for a fun day in Split

Price Duration
10 € 1 hour
20 € 2 hour
30 € 5 hours
60 € 24 hours
  • Min 16 years old
  • Previous experience driving a Bicycles or e Scooters
  • One of your personal documents (passport or id )

For everyone – with 25 km/h and a range of 30 km, this e-step takes you everywhere you want to go. So easy to ride as a conventional scooter, your rented e-step will take you to all the best Split sites, relaxed and at your own pace. For a fun day in Split, feel the city in the most exciting and fun way. Hire e-step, put on your helmet and head off on your tour of Split.

Rent a Scooter - scooters and mopeds of all sizes, perfect for short daily excursions

Price Duration
Scooter 50ccm - 40 € 1 day
Scooter (125 - 250 ccm) - 60 € 1 day
Scooter (530 ccm) - 100 € 1 day

If you arrived at your vacation in Split and wish to avoid the traffic, our rent-a-scooter Split service is perfect. Also if you visited Croatia by plane, rent one of our scooters and explore the city and the local roads. We offer you scooters and mopeds of all sizes, ideal for short daily excursions for two persons. All our scooters for rent in Split are consciously taken care of and will be rented to you with all necessary equipment, especially the helmets. Also, all our scooters and mopeds for rent in Split are insured and very well maintained. Feel free to contact us with your questions, we will drive the scooter to your desired address of pick up.

Rent a car Split - Car rental for an ideal vacation

If you’d like to see many places in a short time, during your stay in Split, you’ll definitely need a car. With our rent a car service you will get the freedom to explore a destination at a comfortable pace while avoiding public transportation. Just choose pick up location, Split city center or airport, we will take care of everything else.

Our car hire service offers different classes of new vehicles and accessories (child seats, navigation devices). We are also able to offer a return of the vehicle in another city, long-term rentals, delivery and collection in the whole of Dalmatia even Croatia. Join our club of pleased and satisfied clients during your holiday in Split!

Choose your bicycle, e-step, scooter or car today and take advantage of a super affordable price

As soon as you complete your reservation, you will receive our email in which we confirm your order and ask you if you have specific requests that you want us to fulfill. We will also provide you with a telephone number where you can contact us at any time regarding any inquiry.

If for any reason you cancel your trip with our car just contact us at and we will refund your money without question!


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